Less Than Truckload

LTL Services Tailored To Your Business

At 618FreightServices, we strive to simplify and streamline the process of quoting, booking, and managing your LTL shipments. Our team of LTL service experts, along with 618FreightServices TRAX, empowers you to select the level of service for each shipment, while our proactive tracking and communication through 618FreightServices ensure a hassle-free experience. Thousands of customers trust us to provide LTL services that leverage our extensive knowledge and experience.

Expertise You Can Rely On

Our team of LTL freight experts is here to assist you in finding the most efficient shipping solutions. Whether you are dealing with increased volume, seasonal demands, selecting the appropriate freight class, or deciding between LTL and truckload, our specialists are equipped to provide you with the guidance and knowledge you need.

Manage LTL Shipments Online

With 618FreightServices, you can take control of your freight shipping and move your shipments on your own terms. Our user-friendly digital freight platform offers a self-service option to request and compare LTL rates, choose carriers, access full network visibility, manage billing and paperwork, and rebuild shipments with just one click. Say goodbye to the hassle and let CoyoteGO streamline your LTL shipping experience.

More LTL Capacity in More Places

At our company, we believe in building strong relationships with LTL carriers. We work with a diverse range of carriers, from large national to regional niche providers, to provide you with the best possible coverage, pricing, and service. By partnering with us, you can instantly access a wide network of carriers without having to manage multiple carrier accounts. Let us help you optimize your shipping strategy and make the most of your LTL shipments.

Why use Less Than Truckload Shipments?

National and Regional Capacity

Direct access to our national and regional LTL carriers.

Competitive Prices

Leverage our high volume for competitive prices.

Dedicated Representatives

A dedicated representative to guide you along the way.

Proactive communication

Proactive communication with LTL carriers.


Audits to reduce your chance of a rebill due to inaccurate or insufficient information.


Receiver location verification to make sure your shipping destination doesn’t require any special considerations.

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